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Telefonická konzultace +370 654 28028


Delivery times from warehouse:

Estonia, Latvia - 1-2 business days
Poland - 2-3 business days
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Luxembourg - 3-4 business days
Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary- 3-4 business days
Finland -  2-4 business days
Italy, France - 4-5 business days
Ireland, Spain - 5 business days
Portugal, Romania - 5-6 business days
Bulgaria - 5-7 business days
Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany - 3-4 business days
Greece - 6-8 business days
United Kingdom - 3-5 business days
Other EU countries - 3-14 business days
Rest of countries - 7-20 business days

IMPORTANT! Part Dispatch Location:

Item is sent from European Union and there will be no additional customs fees for orders inside the European Union.
If delivery country is United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Thailand, or any other country outside the EU, item will be shipped with customs declaration attached and full value declared. It is a BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY to clear the parcel trough the customs.
In case unpaid taxes/customs, client will have to cover all shipping expenses (which include shipping price from seller to customer and return of item).

Glass delivery:
Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to deliver glass to the door due to the high probability of the glass breaking during the courier service. It is possible to pick up from the Vilnius central distribution warehouse, organize your own courier to pick up from the Vilnius central distribution warehouse, or give written consent by e-mail not to make a claim due to glass breakage during transportation.


Delivery times to UK or other countries depend on the destination.

The order will be delivered to the warehouse approximately within 2-5 days after payment confirmation. Delivery to your specified address from warehouse is estimated additionally depending on delivery location with DPD, DHL (3-5 w.d.) or DHL Express (1-2 w.d.).

When your order has arrived at the warehouse, you will be notified by e-mail or SMS. If you have any questions, please contact consultants at +370 647 09951 or email

If you live in cities other than the above, you can choose the day of delivery only. The courier will call you before delivery to specify the time and place of delivery. If you do not receive a call or the courier does not arrive in time, please contact us at +370 647 09951 or email


Delivery of heavy goods:

Please note that you will have to arrange for carrying of goods weighing more than 30 kg from the courier vehicle to your home or office.


Receiving goods from carrier (IMPORTANT):

When receiving the goods, please make sure that the outer packaging of the goods is not damaged. If you receive the product in damaged packaging, we will no longer be able to accept your claim for damage. If the product's packaging is damaged, the courier must fill out a damage report.
After receiving the ordered product and signing the shipment document without comments, it is considered that the shipment has been delivered in good order.

Provide a personal identification document (driver's license or passport) upon delivery by the courier. If the item is picked up by another person, please specify his name to our consultants at the moment of ordering.

Retain the invoice - it will be needed for the after-sales service. 

If you are not able to pick up the item at a scheduled time, please inform our consultants by phone +370 647 09951 or email and we will change the delivery time or address.


Our part has already reached more than 185 countries. Our main customers are in Europe and the United Kingdom.

In order to meet the different needs of our customers and simplify the communication process, our professional customer service team works in all European languages.

We already have garages and mechanics as customers. In the future, we aim to attract even more business customers and retain them for a long time with customized offers. With this in mind, we have launched a B2B business model in the UK and hope to expand it to other countries soon.

We guarantee that the parts you purchase will be delivered in the shortest possible time and all your purchases are covered by our 14 day return policy.
Delivery to the countries listed below is not possible:

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